Software for Embedded Systems

At Emutex we evolve embedded systems into smart, secure communications and networking solutions using our proven software and development expertise. We work closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers to enable their embedded systems with software and produce tailored solutions for their customers.

Our professional services team of experienced embedded software engineers produce software solutions to enable embedded systems for applications in various industries including automotive, industrial, semiconductor, telecommunications and IT networking.

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IoT Gateways powered by ubiworx™

We specialise in working with OEMs to build  gateways for bespoke Internet of Things Solutions.

Using our ubiworx™ software, on Linux based embedded systems, IoT gateways are easily configured to collect and locally analyse measurements from connected sensors. This data processing produces valuable information and events which ubiworx communicates securely and reliably to private and public cloud services and systems. Actuators may also be used in conjunction with ubiworx powered gateways to enable them to remotely control instruments and machines.

The following videos give a taste of ubiworx in action. For more information on ubiworx, IoT Gateways and IoT please contact us.