Bringing embedded systems to life

  • Embedded software and systems

  • Linux kernel, device drivers and applications

  • Board Support Packages

  • Intel x86 and ARM processor platforms

Connecting you to the Internet of Things

  • Remote control and monitoring

  • Data acquisition and aggregation

  • Data analysis and information forwarding

  • Connecting products to cloud services

Evolving your ideas into solutions

  • Innovating solutions to real problems

  • Design, development and integration

  • Working with modern technologies

  • Building prototypes and complete solutions


Welcome to Emutex where we develop and combine the best of embedded software and systems with communications and networking technology to connect systems and people to the Internet of Things (IoT).

We work closely with original equipment manufacturers world-wide to help them build embedded system solutions tailored to meet their customers' needs. We develop many types of solutions including smart city sensor gateways, energy meters, industrial machine monitors, vehicle tracking systems, high-speed enterprise network routers, internet phone systems and more.

Our engineering team specialise in Linux based embedded systems. We provide our home grown Debian based ubilinux™ distribution and work with many other distributions including Ubuntu, Voyage Linux, uClinux  and Wind River Linux to name just some. We also work with Yocto to build custom distributions for new hardware systems.

Through our work building sensor and actuator communication gateways, we have grown our ubiworx™ software framework. This framework provides all the software needed to gather data from sensors, to perform local analytics and forward processed information and events to cloud services. The framework also facilitates the remote control of actuators and the management of the gateway and all connected devices.

Our Emutex Labs community provides makers and innovators with knowledge and advice on embedded software and systems technology to help them evolve their creative ideas into solutions.

In addition to assisting innovation we also promote third level education in computer engineering and science through our annual Software Innovator of the Year Scholarship program. The program consists of an embedded software and systems development competition where students compete for a scholarship fund.

For more information of our company and what we do please browse through our website. You are also welcome to contact us.