Bringing embedded systems to life

  • Software design and development

  • Linux kernel, device drivers and applications

  • Embedded x86, ARM and MIPS processor platforms

  • System design and consultancy

Connecting devices to people and systems

  • Wired and wireless device connectivity

  • Audio, video and data networking protocols

  • Home, office, industrial and transport

  • Software frameworks for the internet of things

Evolving ideas into products

  • Innovating solutions to real problems

  • Consulting on software and hardware design

  • Utilising the latest engineering methodologies

  • Managing the full project life-cycle


At Emutex we specialise in the design and development of software that enables the electronics embedded in audio, video and data communication devices. We enable devices to communicate with each other and, more importantly, with people. We are working with our customers to enable the technology that forms the Internet of Things.

Our customers are device manufacturers from various industries, worldwide. They contract our specialist team to consult on embedded systems hardware design and to then design, develop and build the software required to enable these complex systems.

Since our company's foundation in 2007, we have have helped manufacturers to develop wired and wireless network routers, energy monitoring devices, fuel consumption monitoring devices, sensor gateways, industrial machine controllers, transport tracking devices, phone systems and more.

We have also developed software frameworks that we now license to manufacturers to help accelerate the development time and hence time-to-market of embedded systems based devices. For example, our Cougar VXF software framework is used in sensor gateways to gather data from sensors, process the data into useful information and forward it cloud servers for analysis and access by people and organisations. Our VMX software framework is used in internet-IP phone systems in many small-to-medium sized enterprises.

Are you are a manufacturer requiring help to build such embedded systems based solutions?  If yes then please contact us. Initial consultation is free and we will be happy to listen!