Connecting products to the Internet of Things

  • Remote control and monitoring

  • Data acquisition and aggregation

  • Data analysis and information forwarding

  • Connecting products to cloud services

Bringing embedded systems to life

  • Embedded software and systems

  • Design, development and integration

  • Linux kernel, device drivers and applications

  • x86 and ARM processor platforms

Evolving your ideas into solutions

  • Innovating solutions to real problems

  • Consulting on product design

  • Working with modern technologies

  • Building prototypes and complete solutions


Welcome to Emutex where we develop and integrate the intelligence and communications technology that connects our customers’ products to the Internet of Things (IoT). We enable our customers to reap the many benefits of gathering and analysing data from sensors integrated within their products. We enable them to remotely monitor and view valuable information from web and smart phone apps. We enable them to remotely manage their products and to control any actuators integrated within them. IoT connectivity gives our customers the opportunity to enhance the value add of their products and services which in turn leads to improved business and operations.

Emutex Labs

We combine the best of embedded software and systems technology with the best of communications and server technology to deliver end-to-end IoT solutions, from the edge devices integrated into products through to cloud connectivity, cloud services and smart apps. We work with manufacturers world-wide to develop bespoke IoT solutions including smart home sensor gateways, energy meters, industrial machine controllers, vehicle tracking systems, enterprise network routers and phone systems.

Our Emutex Labs community provides a forum for Makers and Innovators where we share knowledge and advice on technology to enable innovation.